Gropius Bau Giving Space

Space, both literally and metaphorically, is vital to education. The three-year-long project Gropius Bau Giving Space responds to the current demand for spaces for educational work in Berlin and aims to build long-term collaborations with partners in the city.

Photo: Christian Riis Ruggaber

Within the framework of Giving Space, the Gropius Bau provides studio and exhibition spaces to art educators, independent groups or initiatives for several months at a time, the positioning of which also contributes to greater visibility for educational work in the building. In 2019/20, the project We’ll be making lots of noise by Catriona Shaw and Frèd Bigot was the first to use rooms of the Gropius Bau. The expert jury, consisting of Çağla Ilk, Julienne Lorz, Rebecca Raue, Tilo Schulz and Henry Ward, has chosen the project Body Object(s) Borders & Corners by the intercultural dance collective Grupo Oito from all submissions of this year’s Open Call. In September 2020, the collective moved into the rooms at the Gropius Bau and uses them for its educational work.

Project Consultant
Henry Ward

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