We’ll be making lots of noise

Giving Space: Selected project 2019/20

What is noise? Is it only loud, disturbing, unnecessary, even ugly? Can noise be something beautiful? Where does noise come from and how is it made? Can it be quiet, can it be gentle, can it inspire us to take action? These are some of the questions the project We’ll be making lots of noise deals with.

© Catriona Shaw, Frèd Bigot, 2019

Artist Catriona Shaw and musician Fréd Bigot have been working together since 2002 in the context of various art, sound and educational projects. Their project, specially conceived for the Gropius Bau, focuses on the production, reception and investigation of noise in its different spatial and aesthetic manifestations. Shaw and Bigot’s events and workshop programme for school classes and visitors addresses issues such as the artistic and activist potential of noise, explores urban noise and noise reduction, and invites visitors to sound experiments and interpretive “scorings” of the building and exhibitions. In addition to a stage area, the Gropius Bau’s spaces were outfitted with noise machines and a listening station, which will continue to evolve as part of the events.

Participate: Home Challenges

Workshops to do at home

Due to the protective measures in connection with the spread of the coronavirus, it is currently not possible to hold workshops at the Gropius Bau. Therefore, Catriona Shaw and Frédéric Bigot from We'll be making lots of noise bring their project to you. Whether it’s a noise quiz or an audio expedition at your home – you basically don’t need much more than a pen, some paper, a recording device and your ears to participate. All home challenges can be found here.

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Explore: Sound Map of the Gropius Bau

What noise does an exhibition hall make?

During the workshop Noise from the inside on 18 December 2019, students from the Braunschweig University of Art (class Asta Gröting) documented and mapped the Gropius Bau’s unique sounds. After a “listening walk” through the building they recreated what they had heard, using simple tools such as guitar amps, paper or their voice. The tracks in the playlist on the right are the result of this workshop and form an acoustic map of the basement of the Gropius Bau. They can also be found here on our SoundCloud profile, accompanied by a map of the building.

Listen in: Sound Experiments and Compositions

Audio recordings from the Gropius Bau

In different workshops and event formats, Catriona Shaw and Fréd Bigot together with visitors explored the variety of noise production in and around the Gropius Bau. Starting with the opening of their project space they collected acoustic impressions, which you can find in the playlist on the right. All audio recordings from the project can be found here.


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