Participate and Learn

Art opens up a world of possibilities and can be so many different things to different people. Therefore, it is important that art education operates in multifaceted ways and aims at the widest possible participation of the public – be it in the exhibition hall or on the internet.

Photo: Luis Kürschner

The Gropius Bau’s regular programme includes guided tours in German, English and German Sign Language (DGS) as well as exhibition-related tours and workshops for school classes and families. Furthermore, the programme is usually completed by the weekly Art Explorations – overview tours of all current exhibitions – as well as monthly architectural tours. At the Gropius Bau, all public tours are offered free of charge.

The opening up of the Gropius Bau since Stephanie Rosenthal took over as director is to be carried over into the opening up of educational work structures and formats – in both the physical spaces and in discursive space, and beyond the institutional processes and exhibition building. Within this context, several new educational projects have been developed.

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