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In Brief: Stephanie Rosenthal on the 2022 summer programme

We are kicking off this summer season with exciting projects – including a new sound piece by our In House: Artist in Residence, Ayumi Paul, which has been created in resonance to the summer solstice and the upcoming launch of Ana Prvački’s new digital work, Apis Gropius, as well as the first major survey to focus exclusively on Louise Bourgeois’ fabric-based works. Moreover, the discourse programme Breathe will unfold in echo to an exhibition on caring, repairing in healing that will open at the Gropius Bau in September.

In Brief | Stephanie Rosenthal on the 2022 summer programme

Ayumi Pauls “Sounding Seeds” for the Beginning of Summer

To get us in the mood for the summer, this year’s In House: Artist in Residence, Ayumi Paul, has developed a new sound work as the first in a series of sound pieces created in attunement with the solstices and equinoxes of the year. Sounding Seeds is a sonic journey – embedded in breathing and vocal exercises – through the spheres that inspire Ayumi Paul’s The Singing Project. Following the rhythm of the earth’s yearly cycle around the sun, Sounding Seeds explores the myriad ways in how sound and song have been shaping our world.

Gropius Bau Hain

A forest in the heart of the city – the Gropius Hain. The group of plane trees to the west of the building was named Gropius Hain by artist and theorist Zheng Bo during his residency as In House: Artist in Residence 2020 at the Gropius Bau. Inspired by his artistic practice, a publicly accessible garden has now been created with seating and wildflower meadows that invite visitors to linger. Here, people can get together, relax, unwind, have lunch, watch the plants grow or take part in our upcoming programming.

Ana Prvački, Apis Gropius, 2022, crafted by NEEEU

Ana Prvački
Apis Gropius

Digital Artist in Residence 2021/2022

As Digital Artist in Residence, Ana Prvački is taking up a series of interventions that materialise the Gropius Bau’s overarching programmatic topics of hosting, natural structures and ecology.

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Ayumi Paul
The Singing Project

In House: Artist in Residence 2022

A violinist, composer and artist, Ayumi Paul’s work is anchored in a practice of listening. Her art departs from the intersections of sound, composition, and perception. As part of her residency at the Gropius Bau, Paul presents her participatory singing sculpture The Singing Project. The project unfolds through a series of workshop and as an open-ended practice that anyone can take back with them and activate anywhere, anytime. The Singing Project is one key materialisation of the Gropius Bau’s focus on practices of caring, repairing and healing.

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