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Tickets for our exhibitions Yayoi Kusama: A Retrospective, Hella Jongerius: Woven Cosmos / Zheng Bo: Wanwu Council 萬物社 and Everything Is Just for a While are available exclusively in our online shop. New tickets are released every second Friday at 12:00.

Please mind that, due to contingencies surrounding the current health situation, tickets are only on sale on a rolling basis, and that ticket numbers are limited. We ask for your understanding that we cannot yet offer tickets for later dates. Please check Information & Tickets for specific ticketing, hygiene and accessibility information.

Current & Upcoming

Artist in Residence 2021


Following in the footsteps of Wu Tsang, Otobong Nkanga and Zheng Bo, SERAFINE1369 / Jamila Johnson-Small (previously known as Last Yearz Interesting Negro) will take up a studio in the Gropius Bau in 2021 as part of the In House: Artist in Residence programme. As an artist and dancer, SERAFINE1369 engages deeply with intimacy, movement and boundaries.

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SERAFINE1369, 2020

Digital Artist in Residence 2021
Ana Prvački

This year, the Gropius Bau is pleased to welcome Ana Prvački as its first Digital Artist in Residence. During her residency, Prvački is taking up a series of interventions that materialise the Gropius Bau’s overarching programmatic topics of hosting, natural structures and ecology.

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Hand Pollination Glove, 2018
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Gropius Bau Exterior View

The Gropius Bau is one of Europe’s most important exhibition venues. With its acclaimed contemporary and archaeological exhibitions, the Gropius Bau has consistently opened up new realms of experience and established its international reputation. In view of its eventful history and the variety of institutions that have been active here over the years, the Gropius Bau is organised as an open framework for addressing a broad variety of artistic modes of thinking and their social implications. Through active collaboration with contemporary artists involved the programme, creative processes are revealed, new perspectives opened up and the possibilities of the institution reflected.

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