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Ayumi Paul: Sounding Seeds
Winter Solstice

Tuning in to the darkest time of the yearly cycle: Our Artist in Residence Ayumi Paul has developed a new work for her series of sound pieces created in attunement with the solstices and equinoxes of the year. Sounding Seeds is a sonic journey – embedded in breathing and vocal exercises – through the spheres that inspire Ayumi Paul’s The Singing Project. Following the rhythm of the earth’s yearly cycle around the sun, Sounding Seeds explores the myriad ways in how sound and song have been shaping our world.

Exhibition Programme 2023

We are pleased to announce the Gropius Bau’s exhibition programme for 2023. Key topics include political self-determination, the fluidity of categories and exchange across the Indian Ocean and beyond. A major retrospective of the artist group General Idea, developed closely with AA Bronson, follows Daniel Boyd’s first comprehensive show in Europe. Two major group exhibitions chart and celebrate the continued exchanges between Africa and Asia, and commemorate the political and cultural solidarity of the pivotal 1955 Bandung Conference.

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