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A pink sky illuminates the digital festival garden.

Long nights on the garden swing beneath the chestnut trees, the crackling of the fire bowls in the background … For many years, the garden on the western side of the Festspielhaus has been a very special place for exchanging impressions and ending the festival’s days and nights in inspiring company. In the analogue world, closing time and spells of bad weather cannot be entirely avoided. But in the virtual world, we have made our dreams come true: of an eternally blooming festival garden that is ablaze with light from the fire bowls and full of animals and life and that – most importantly – never closes. Welcome!

An important note: These are experimental and elaborate 3D applications that have been optimised for more recent desktop computers and fast internet connections. The programme may not run on all computers or all browsers. We suggest the use of computers and laptops with the internet browser Google Chrome. Smartphones are not recommended.


For help on how to use the virtual garden, see the tutorial on how to use the garden.


Roman Senkl Artistic director
Elisabeth Drache 3D design
Nils Corte Coding
Nils Gallist 3D design
Matze Pröllochs Composition
Péter Sanyó Production management

Premiere 13 May 2021

A project by Berliner Festspiele’s Laboratory for Digital Arts in cooperation with Theater Dortmund.