Schule der Distanz No. 1

Day 2

Saturday, 19 November 2016

18:00, keynote

in German

Mirjam Schaub
“Captivity. Breaking out of artistic experience in the age of immersion”
in German

From 19:00

Ed Atkins
“Second Person”
Performance, in English

Omer Fast
»Talking is not always the solution«
Exhibition, open until 22:00

David Helbich
“Be there, do this – visitor scores”

Finn Johannsen / Alexis Le-Tan / Gwen Jamois
“I Can’t Turn Around”
Performance, 18.–20.11.2016
Alexis Le-Tan: DJ Alfredo 1988 (Amnesia, Ibiza)
Co-curator: Nguyễn Phương-Đan

Annika Kahrs
“Alone together”

Shintaro Miyazaki
“The principle of oscillation – the immersed end-consumer”
Lecture, 19.11.2016, in German

Students of the University of Hildesheim with Eike Wittrock
“Feelings? It might be political”

David Weber-Krebs
“The Guardians of Sleep (confidential version)”

Schule der Distanz No. 1