Annika Kahrs

“Alone Together”

Performance/Installation, 18.–20.11.2016

Following a ritual always means neglecting possible alternative actions. Conventions and unspoken agreements emerge – and suddenly everything appears manifest and immovable. In her work, artist Annika Kahrs deals with those moments of our communal life that seem to happen as a matter of course – and then suddenly they don’t. She reveals hidden rule systems and creates illusions, only to disenchant them unceremoniously. For “Schule der Distanz”, Annika Kahrs will develop a new work, in which she portrays playing music as a social act.

Performers: Philip Eick, Pierre Chastel, Mette Nadja Hansen, Johannes Müller
Musical arrangement: Louis d’Heudieres
Musical consultation: Felix Kubin


Schule der Distanz No. 1