Finn Johannsen / Alexis Le-Tan / Gwen Jamois

“I Can’t Turn Around”

Performance, 18.–20.11.2016

There is no place for eliminating distances quite like dance floors in clubs. For decades, and night after night, DJs have been playing music, creating immersive spaces and temporary communities. For “Schule der Distanz”, three DJs will take on the role of archeologists: Examining various international club scenes, they will reconstruct and interpret playlists of historically relevant DJ luminaries like Ron Hardy, DJ Alfredo and Mixmaster Morris in a setting for listening.

Finn Johannsen: DJ Ron Hardy 1985 (Muzik Box, Chicago)

Alexis Le-Tan: DJ Alfredo 1988 (Amnesia, Ibiza)

Gwen Jamois: Mixmaster Morris 1993 (Telepathic Fish, London)

Co-curator: Nguyễn Phương-Đan

Schule der Distanz No. 1