David Weber-Krebs

“The Guardians of Sleep (confidential version)”

Performance, 18.–20.11.2016

What happens when someone closes their eyes in front of us? They interrupt the present moment and withdraw from the world. They exit from the globally interconnected present and enter their own space-time-continuum. But how can we become witnesses to this process? “The Guardians of Sleep” is a collective attempt at defiance in a switched-on universe that doesn’t have an “off”-button. “The Guardians of Sleep (confidential version)” is an experimental version of a performance which will premiere in the autumn of 2017.

Performers: Hidde Aans-Verkade, Alondra Castellanos Arreola, Zoë Demoustier, Noha Ramadan, Luuk Weers


Schule der Distanz No. 1