Exploding Star International: Chicago-Berlin

Rob Mazurek

Rob Mazurek

© Guido Gazzilli

Exploding Star International: Chicago-Berlin (USA/Germany)
Galactic Parables Vol. II
Commission/World premiere

Rob Mazurek, direction, compositions, piccolo trumpet, modular synth
Jaimie Branch, trumpet
Chad Taylor, drums, mbira
Nicole Mitchell, flutes, voice
Jason Ajemian, bass, voice
Tomeka Reid, cello
Lester St. Louis, cello
Hamid Drake, drums
Damon Locks, voice, electronics

Els Vandeweyer, vibraphone
Magda Mayas, piano, keys
Biliana Voutchkova, violin
Julia Reidy, guitar
Sabine Vogel, flute
Elias Stemeseder, piano, keys

Living up to its name, the Exploding Star Orchestra is no clearly delineated entity, no fixed line-up – it is created in the moment and executed inexorably when the right forces come together and take effect. Anyone who is (or has been) fortunate enough to experience the ESO at one of its few live performances will remain spellbound. ESO was launched as an initiative of the Chicago Cultural Center together with the Jazz Institute of Chicago in 2005, to bring together the wide range of free forms of expression presented by the city’s avant-garde in one focal point. Trumpeter and visual artist Rob Mazurek was trusted to become the venture’s guiding spirit and to organise an overarching entity – a momentous decision that gave birth to the ESO, which has since then been performing on special occasions in all its heterogeneity and strength. Nowhere else does the expression of a power bigger than itself seem more apt than with the ESO. It is a fortunate indeed that Berlin has now entered this cosmic slipstream with musicians from its diverse scene, thanks to the right propelling forces acting at the right time. The Exploding Star Orchestra is both a bracket and a highlight of the five-hour opening scenario, which will finally unite all audience members on the Main Stage.

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