Programme Preview 2019

Berliner Festspiele will launch the Jazzfest Berlin 2019 on 31 October with a transatlantic cooperation – the third performance worldwide of Anthony Braxton’s “Sonic Genome”. With this project, artistic director Nadin Deventer continues the festival’s orientation with international encounters and interdisciplinary border crossings. Until 3 November, around 200 musicians from 15 countries will perform in a wide range of formations over four festival days. The programme will include 28 musical acts and an accompanying programme focusing on the work and impact of Anthony Braxton.

The advance ticket sale for “Sonic Genome” already started. Advance ticket sales for the complete festival programme (published on 3 September) will begin on 10 September.

“Sonic Genome” by US-American composer and multi-instrumentalist Anthony Braxton recurs to his integrating system of “Ghost Trance Music”. It allows 60 musicians to draw from up to 450 of his compositions in a continuous, six-hour performance. Over the course of the performance, the 60 artists will congregate as large, conducted ensembles, fracture into groups of four to twelve musicians and perpetually form new communities while moving freely – like the visitors – through the premises of Gropius Bau. The opening night will give the opportunity to immerse oneself in Braxton’s œuvre and to experience contemporary art in Berliner Festspiele’s exhibition venue.

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Once again, the festival’s main venue – Haus der Berliner Festspiele – will undergo a redesign. The classic theatre set-up of the Main Stage will be transformed into a flexible performance area, surrounded by the audience on three sides. Late on Friday nights, three trios led by Anja Lauvdal, Petter Eldh and Lukas König will share this space for the first of two Late Night Labs, a new format at Jazzfest Berlin 2019. On Saturday night, the same venue will see an encounter of 14 renowned improvisation artists from Europe, the USA and Brazil, including Mette Rasmussen, Julien Desprez, Susana Santos Silva, Guilherme Granado, Lotte Anker and Rob Mazurek, in an interdisciplinary performance. The musicians are entirely free in their use of the time and space in the 100 minutes at their disposal, and the protagonists of both encounters will develop the music together in the run-up to the events. New elements will emerge from reinterpretations of their repertoires in constantly shifting combinations and merge them into an integrated dramaturgy.

The commissioned work “Mass of Hyphae” by the 13-strong KIM Collective promises to be another festival highlight. With a sound installation, this collective from Berlin will leave the “UN(TER)ORT” it created in the previous year to spread across the foyer like a rhizome over the course of the festival, cumulating in a “Fungus Opera” performed on the Main Stage on the final night.

Saxophonist Mia Dyberg will be this year’s Berlin representative in the extraordinary line-up of the prestigious European cooperation project melting pot. Following concerts in Saalfelden and Oslo, they will perform at A-Trane in Berlin.

The concerts of the 2019 Jazzfest Berlin will be recorded by ARD and Deutschlandfunk Kultur, some of them to be broadcast LIVE.

Late Night Lab 1 (creation):
Kaos Puls: Petter Eldh, bass | Lukas König, drums | Otis Sandsjö, sax
Mopcut (German premiere): Julien Desprez, e-guitar | Lukas König, drums | Audrey Chen, vocals, electronics, cello
Moskus (German premiere): Anja Lauvdal, piano, synth| Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson, double bass | Hans Hulbækmo, drums

Late Night Lab 2 (creation):
T(r)opic (German premiere): Susana Santos Silva, trumpet | Mette Rasmussen, sax | Isabel Sorling, vocals, electronics | Lotte Anker, sax | Mauricio Takara, e-percussions | Gerald Cleaver, drums | Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, bass | Rob Mazurek, trumpet, cornet, electronics | Julien Desprez, e-guitar | Mathieu Constans, 3D video maker, light designer
São Paolo Underground: Mauricio Takara, e-percussions | Guilherme Granado, keys, electronics | Rob Mazurek, trumpet, cornet
COCO (German premiere): Julien Desprez, e-guitar | Julien Loutelier, percussion | Pauline Simon, Dance, performance | Ana Rita Teodoro, dance, performance

Garden of Hyphae / The Mass Of Hyphae - a KIM Collective fungus opera (creation):
KIM Collective: Max Andrzejewski | Paul Berberich | Brad Henkel | Simon Kanzler | Liz Kosack | Raphael Meinhart | Dora Osterloh | Julia Reidy | Otis Sandsjo | Max Santner | Elias Stemeseder | Dan Peter Sundland | Laura Winkler
Georg Schütky, stage director | Jonas Hinz, sound design

Melting pot (creation): Mia Dyberg, sax | Signe Emmeluth, sax | Kobe Boon, bass | Zbigniew Kozera, bass | Katharina Ernst, drums
Partner Melting Pot: Jazztopad, Breslau; Handelsbeurs, Gent; Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria, Oslo; International Jazzfestival Saalfelden