QuerKlang is a cooperation of KULTURKONTAKTE e.V. in collaboration with kultkom - Kerstin Wiehe, QuerKlang gUG, Berlin University of the Arts and klangzeitort, Berliner Festpiele as well as Berlin schools and freelance composers and promotes experimental composing in schools and performs it as part of MaerzMusik.

The teaching of new and contemporary music in schools is mostly limited to a few selected works and composers. This selective look at individual works largely ignores the fact that the language of contemporary music is a form of personal expression available to amateurs, too. A lack of understanding and tolerance towards the large variety of new music is the result.

QuerKlang counters this tendency by encouraging pupils to conduct their own experiments with musical material and to create their own compositions. The aim is not just to inspire curiosity and openness towards unusual musical materials, but also to develop a basic understanding of the working process involved in composition: Pupils will see themselves as composers who – beyond all criteria of “beautiful” or “ugly” music – invent, assess and modify musical processes and finally perform them together in public.

Under the guidance and accompaniment of composers, music teacher and music students of the Berlin University of the Arts, around 1,000 pupils from Berlin have explored the creation of musical processes as part of their music teaching since 2003: The goal is for them to develop compositions of their own to be performed in public as part of MaerzMusik.

QuerKlang 2023

Tuesday, 21 March 2023

Wednesday, 22 March 2023