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MaerzMusik 2023

MaerzMusik is scheduled to begin next year on 17 March 2023. The programme will be published in early 2023.


Preface to MaerzMusik – Festival for Time Issues 2022

The visible and invisible relations that hold everything together, in music and beyond, mark the point of departure for MaerzMusik – Festival for Time Issues 2022. Sensing the forces of uncertainty, vulnerability, and transformations in our present, we want to evoke the question of how to relate in different and diverse ways.

One of the guiding metaphors in this quest is the mycelium, the vast fungal network of branching filaments that pervades the soil, traversing species and milieus, connecting, supporting, signaling, communicating, decomposing, detoxifying, and healing in ways that are yet to be fully understood.

Spanning ten days and ten venues in Berlin, with the silent green Kulturquartier as its festival centre, MaerzMusik attempts to create an environment within which relationality can be rethought, redrawn and artistically experimented with.

The festival opening sets the ground by inviting into a space for different audiences to wander, disperse and re-join under the capacious roof of the Gropius Bau (18.3.). A concert series with new works entitled “Interpoiesis” initiates and facilitates multi-generational and intersectional collaborative encounters (20.–24.3.). Éliane Radigue inspires the festival with her unique way of being in the world through sound and listening, with her pioneering electronic compositions (21.–27.3.) and collaborative instrumental oeuvre (23.3.). Into the sixth year of the festival’s collaboration with SAVVY Contemporary, an exhibition and performances inquire the legacy of Benjamin Patterson (1934–2016), one of the founding members of the Fluxus movement, and his rich and playfully political work (19.–27.3.). With Cashmere Radio we transmit a daily programme that aims to become a place and a frequency to openly share influences, processes and perspectives of the festival (20.–25.3.). On its final weekend MaerzMusik manifests itself in a constellation of interconnected spaces around the Nettelbeckplatz in Wedding to celebrate the art of Field Recording (26./27.3.).

We are looking forward to welcoming you at MaerzMusik – Festival for Time Issues 2022.

Berno Odo Polzer & Kamila Metwaly
Artistic Director & Chief Curator

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