The Long Now – MaerzMusik 2019


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MaerzMusik 2020

The next edition of MaerzMusik will take place from 20 to 29 March 2020.
The programme will be published on 14 January.

MaerzMusik 2019

The fifth edition of the “Festival for Time Issues” explored the phenomenon of history through concerts, performances, readings, film screenings, installations, exhibitions and discourse formats. Historical time became palpable and comprehensible throughout the festival, from Rzewski’s opening concert with melodies of the class struggle to the multimedia exhibition “Tele-Visions. A Critical Media History of New Music on TV, 1950s – 1990s” and “The Long Now” – all of which are beautifully captured in our Recap video!

The Long Now 2019

As the conclusion of MaerzMusik – Festival for Time Issues, the 30-hour project once again invited visitors to detach themselves from the clocked chronometry of the present and indulge in a time bubble against in the monumental backdrop of the Kraftwerk Berlin. Our Recap video gives a good impression of the fifth edition of “The Long Now”, ranging from the musical avant-garde to experimental electronics, ambient music and noise.

About MaerzMusik – Festival for Time Issues

MaerzMusik – Festival for Time Issues sees itself as a venue for experiencing art and thinking about how we deal with time. Contemporary music is its centre and point of departure for an exploration of the nature of time in life, art and theory.

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