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MaerzMusik 2023

Kamila Metwaly has been appointed Artistic Director of the Berliner Festspiele’s festival MaerzMusik

Metwaly served as Leading Curator of MaerzMusik, programming its 2022 edition together with the Artistic Director Berno Odo Polzer. Following his departure, she took over the festival directorship on 1 September. The curator and music journalist will be in charge of the festival MaerzMusik in the coming years and will work on the 2023 edition in collaboration with the composer and conductor Enno Poppe. The 2023 edition marks the return of the festival to Haus der Berliner Festspiele after the renovations.

MaerzMusik will take place from 17 to 26 March 2023, featuring the works of Michael Beil, Laura Bowler, Lucia Dlugoszewski, Laure M. Hiendl, Elaine Mitchener, Mathias Spahlinger, asamisimasa, Ensemble Musikfabrik, KNM Berlin, Nadar Ensemble and many others. The programme will be announced in mid-January 2023. Tickets will then go on sale from 23 January 2023.

About MaerzMusik

MaerzMusik sees itself as a place to exchange artistic knowledge(s) through new encounters and collective experiences. The festival is rooted in the multimodality of listening, contemporary music, and sound, employing concerts, performances, installations, music theatre, film screenings, and discursive formats to open up a space where life, art, and theory can co-exist.

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