Benjamin Rinner: Photographs for Musikfest Berlin 2007 – 2011

3 to 19 September 2011
Foyer of the Philharmonie

This exhibition brings together specially for Musikfest Berlin portraits taken by Benjamin Rinner from 2007 to 2011. He belongs to the “Klasse Rautert”, the group of young Leipzig photographers who studied in that city with Timm Rautert and in recent years have been attracting international attention. His pictures can evoke associations with the great masters of Flemish painting. Rinner achieves a rare intensity in his photographs, fascinating studies in which his models’ faces reflect the rediscovery of music’s magic, power and beauty.

Benjamin Rinner, born in 1976 in Annaberg-Buchholz (Saxony), studied photography at the University of Essen, the University of Art and Design in Helsinki and with Timm Rautert at the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts. He lives and works in Helsinki. The work being exhibited at musikfest berlin was created in close collaboration with Günter Karl Bose, designer of the logo and visual image of the festival.

The exhibition is meant to be viewed in the framework of the introductory and concert events of Musikfest Berlin.