This year, the public showing of the selected performances had to be cancelled. Instead, the invited companies, duos and soloists developed a format to present their works in short dance sequences, an introduction to the company, video projections and an interactive “game”.

Further Programme

Regrettably, public performances of the selected dance pieces will not be possible this year. Instead, the companies invited to Tanztreffen der Jugend will present their work to each other in a presentation format that they developed themselves and that includes short dance sequences, an introduction to the ensemble, video projections and an interactive game.

This will be followed by a moderated conversation between the performers and the participants of Tanztreffen der Jugend about the piece and its creative process. The invited solos and duos will be performed in their original form, also followed by a moderated conversation. The special presentation format for larger groups is due to the hygiene recommendations that prevail in Berlin at the time of publication.

Moderators: Sophie Camille Brunner and Camille Chapon