The stage programme shows the selected productions as well as an extensive supporting programme.

In search of overcoming isolation and anonymity, of rapprochement, community, safe space. In search of alternatives for society, for new paths, for solutions for the future. In search of their own chosen role beyond attributions and gender stereotypes, of their own past, of the right measure, in search of identity, in search of the self. This is what drives the young dancers at this year’s Tanztreffen der Jugend. They are all embarking on a journey of exploration with their works. With a deeply felt urgency and a very personal approach, the artists trace central and highly topical questions of the human condition. The focus is on searching and questioning - in the awareness that quick answers are not always at hand.

The jury of experts has selected ten dance productions this year. They include solos, duets as well as large ensemble pieces, including a dance film. The pieces represent the diversity of young dance production. Alongside contemporary dancers, artists from the urban dance context, who have remarkably expanded their form of expression with the format of dance theatre, are particularly well represented.

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