10 Treffen

A series of events and both artistic and creative interventions will open new resonance chambers for the long-standing Theatertreffen on a European level.

The 10 Treffen (English: 10 meetings or encounters) will take place over the entire duration of the festival in a variety of formats, including performances, actions and discussions – as opportunities for encounters before and after the performances, often happening during the daytime or late into the night: in foyers, kitchens, exhibition halls or spaces below the stage. They will frame, beguile and embrace the 10 remarkable productions selected for the festival and endeavour to formulate (no) common ground from which to explore the relevance of possible perspectives for the future of Theatertreffen, and at the same time test them in a first attempt. The aspect of meeting in all its various manifestations – both of exchanging ideas and discourse and of convening and colliding – plays an essential role.

In our preparations, we often encountered a question that will be an issue for the future development of this festival in a variety of ways: Who has the privilege to not know…? This question can be complemented in various directions and is reflected in different ways in all 10 Treffen, which we see as a European-level resonance chamber for the 10 remarkable productions of 2023. The programme and future orientation of these events are developed in co-operation with the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb.

The main funding institutions for the new format 10 Treffen are the Federal Agendy for Civic Education/bpb and the Goethe-Institut.

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