Stückemarkt – Open Call 2022

Information on the Open Call for 2022

Where are the authors and artists who are radically challenging and questioning the established models and perspectives, the familiar topics and focuses?

The future has long since begun. Yesterday and Now have always had an impact on Tomorrow. What are we prepared to invest in our future? What strengths and conditions do we need to live our utopian ideas? How can a society design a future in the interest of everyone, for everyone and with everyone? And: Who exactly do we mean when we say “everyone”?

In keeping with its 2022 motto “What is the future worth (to us)?”, Stückemarkt is looking for theatre texts and performance works that have the courage to create outlines for a possible future and to find aesthetics and artistic approaches that enable us to experience both utopian and dystopian worlds. Who will we be once the present is over?

Stückemarkt’s international jury of artists will select five works from among all applications. These works will be presented in an appropriate artistic form or introduced in an adequate form of presentation in the context of Theatertreffen in May 2022. One of the invited artists or groups will be awarded the Stückemarkt commission of work, funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb). The commission comes with a sum of € 10,000 dedicated to the production of a new work with a partner theatre in Germany. The 2022 partner theatre involved in the realisation of the commission is Schauspiel Leipzig.

Stückemarkt is in search of new forms of authorship and innovative theatre languages. In this open international competition, both authors and theatre collectives can apply. Since many different forms of authorship can result in an artistic work, theatre texts and projects – e.g. site specific projects, theatrical interventions, projects in the digital realm – may be submitted as well as performances based on documentary material and located at the interface of diverse artistic disciplines. We are particularly interested in authors and artists who apply an extended concept of authorship to explore new narratives and perspectives and to develop innovative, world-building languages.

Application Procedure for the 2022 Stückemarkt

Applications are no longer possible.

Deadline for applications: 17 November 2021
Jury decision: early March 2022

Detailed information about the applications for the 2022 Stückemarkt can be found here:
Stückemarkt: Open Call 2022 (, 173 KB)

Please file your personal data with our online tool If this should not be possible, please use the application form as an alternative.

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