tt festivalzeitung 2007

One of the aims of the first edition of the tt festivalzeitung in 2005 was to promote young journalists writing about theatre. In line with our motto for this year, “Unter Freunden – Amongst Friends”, we are offering six prospective journalists, some of whom already worked on the Theatertreffen festival newspaper in 2005 or 2006, another chance to test their skills. They will look at the invited productions with a keen and critical eye, conduct exclusive interviews, glance behind the scenes, report in depth about some of the up and coming tt talents, and also cover over-arching issues relating to the festival.

The renowned theatre critic and editor Dirk Pilz will again be at hand to support the editorial team. Last year Pilz also advised the young authors and offered his experience, thus contributing to the success of the festival newspaper. Our cooperation with Berliner Zeitung will also be continued. Torsten Harmsen, as our final editor, and Stephan Lammel as layout designer will provide the support of experienced newspaper professionals.

The festival newspaper is not intended to attract only a specialist theatre audience. It is important that we appeal to non-specialist readers and gain their interest in the Theatertreffen. For this reason, the festival newspaper will appear as a supplement to Berliner Zeitung and also be available at all the Theatertreffen venues.

Our editorial team is looking forward to starting work, and you can look forward to two exciting issues of tt festivalzeitung 2007!

Project Management: Silvia Schober

In co-operation with the Berliner Zeitung