Playwrights’ Workshop at the Stückemarkt 2011

The Nominations

The jury invited three authors to take part in the playwright’s workshop:

Benjamin Lauterbach (*1975, Kronberg im Taunus): “Der Chinese”
Anne Lepper (*1978, Essen): “Hund wohin gehen wir”
Rebecca Christine Schnyder (*1986, Zürich): “Schiffbruch”

Head: John von Düffel

Workshop and Work-show: Double Benefit

If there is a clear development through all the very different individual workshops over the years since they started, then it is this: the writers taking part in the tt playwriting workshops are getting closer and closer to those in the Stückemarkt. This is evident in the first instance in the strictness of the selection: while in the early years there were a total of twelve authors, now there are just three specially selected “talents”. It is also evident from the maturity of the texts: the plays with which the writers are now invited are not just signs of talent, they are more polished, more complete and as such performable. This is especially true of the three texts by the playwrights taking part in this year’s workshop: ‘Where Are We Going Dog’ by Anne Lepper, ‘The Chinese’ by Benjamin Lauterbach and ‘Shipwreck’ by Rebecca Schnyder.

It also means that the workshop and “work-show”, the presentation on 19th May, are more distinct than ever, as the play development in the workshop is devoted to new ideas and further texts, while the work on presenting the selected texts has increasingly become a first short practice text for the playwrights. So the experience is doubly beneficial