Theatertreffen Database 1964–2021

Which productions have been invited to the Theatertreffen since 1964? Who were the participating artists? And who were the members of the juries, the artistic teams and the blog’s editorial staff? We hope you will enjoy browsing through our data base, containing over 50 years of Theatertreffen-history!

Prize Winners Theatertreffen & Stückemarkt

For many years, a variety of prizes have been awarded as part of the Theatertreffen, with a wide range of juries making the decisions. For example, the Theatre-Award-Berlin is awarded for special services to the theatre, the Alfred-Kerr-Acting-Award honours an outstanding achievement by an emerging actor, the 3sat-Award is given for artistic innovation, and promising new talents are rewarded by the Stückemarkt’s commission of work. Here is a collection of award winners of previous years.