Make Me Up, 2019


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Make Me Up, 2019

Videos on Demand and More

Many of the discourse events of the festival, additional material such as the short portraits of the authors featured in Stückemarkt and further links and the production “SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP” by and with Lucy Wilke and Paweł Duduś with music by Kim Twiddle (until 11 June) are still available for you to watch. To do this, click on the menu item “Programme” and navigate to the event you wish to see. Under the menu item “Meet” you will find the 3D stage designs of “Graf Öderland” and “Einfach das Ende der Welt”. The virtual Festival Garden is also still open.

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A green colour field shows slight abstract contours.

Welcoming Words, Laudatory Speeches and More

In our Theatertreffen Reading Area, you can take another look at the welcoming words and opening speeches of this year’s festival as well as the laudatory speeches for Thiemo Strutzenberger (winner of the 3sat-Award) and Ta-Nia (winners of the 2021 Stückemarkt Commission of Work). Several essays and the podcast “Perspectives Unboxed” are also accessible there.

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Theatertreffen-Award 2021

Theatre is not made by one person alone. Only the complex interaction of a wide range of participants creates a whole that is more than the proverbial sum of its parts. The pandemic-ridden season 2020/2021 caused this to be felt more painfully by theatre makers than before. This motivated Eva Veronica Born to create an award for the 2021 Theatertreffen that appreciates the theatre as a community-building art. Ten individual cups, cast in gaudy, colourful concrete, were broken into pieces and the artists involved in the selection of 10 productions will each receive their own concrete shard. Thus, the shards are the document of a time of separation, while at the same time pointing ahead to the possibility of joining together once more in artistic creation.

Theatertreffen-Award 2021 as a whole and in shards

Theatertreffen-Award 2021 as a whole and in shards

© Eva Veronica Born

Theatertreffen on Digital Pathways

Yvonne Büdenhölzer on the 2021 festival edition

One year ago, we would hardly have believed that we would have to organise the 2021 Theatertreffen as the second online festival in a row. Now we are in the middle of implementing our second purely digital edition and we are very happy to present a festival that aspires to be low-threshold, open and international. All ten productions selected by the jury will be presented either as live streams or recordings, and the same goes for the performances and lectures of Stückemarkt. These works show how theatre can be creatively processed and conceptualised for online presentation. But we will also explore the rapid developments in the field of digital theatrical forms in “Stages Unboxed”, our new digital showcase which will continue our cooperation with the Academy for Theatre and Digitality and the Digitale Dramaturgie, launched in 2020. International approaches and the future of the theatre during and after the pandemic will be the topics of “What are We Waiting for?” – a series of talks that we have initiated together with the Performing Arts Festival Berlin. Our theme day “Practice What You Preach” is the third event of its kind, where we will focus on gender and the abuse of power in the theatre and search for ways of constructing a more just and balanced future.

We invite you to join us on Theatertreffen’s digital pathways: with several events featuring English-language translations and audio descriptions and new ways of connecting!

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Pilot Project Forum Ecological Sustainability in the Theatre

For the first time, the pilot project “Forum Ecological Sustainability in Theatre” will take place within the framework of this year’s Theatertreffen and in cooperation with the action network “Nachhaltigkeit in Kultur und Medien”. The aim is to actively develop a long-term network for issues of sustainability in the theatre and to connect with already existing initiatives.

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TT Kontext virtuell

Digital Practice in the Theatre

The extensive discursive programme “UnBoxing Stages – Digital Practice in the Theatre” examined the risks and potential of theatre on the Internet at the virtual 2020 Theatertreffen. You can still access the recordings of the panels, the “Long Night of Tutorials” and further conversations!

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About Theatertreffen

Every year, the festival Theatertreffen brings remarkable productions from the German-language region as well as works by emerging artists from across the world to Berlin. Which topics, aesthetics and urgent issues are shaping contemporary theatre?

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A Female Quota of 50 %

With its 2020 festival edition, the Theatertreffen introduced a female quota of at least 50 percent in the direction position for the selection of 10 productions. The jury and the festival’s director have agreed to extend this rule for another two years, up to and including the 2023 festival.

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