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No Open Calls for 2021

In 2020, both Stückemarkt and International Forum had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Theatertreffen-Blog could only be realised in a significantly reduced special edition. Since we place great value on practising solidarity in the fields of arts and culture, we have decided to forego an Open Call for 2021 and to re-invite the artists and bloggers who were intended to take part in the 2020 festival edition.

We are looking forward to receiving applications for the 2022 festival in the autumn of 2021.

Impressions from the 2020 Theatertreffen

This year, the festival took place exclusively online for the first time. And even online, the typical Theatertreffen-sense of community could be felt! We would like to thank all participating artists, panel guests, experts, viewers, colleagues, partners and interested followers for an exceptional festival.

TT Kontext virtuell

2020 Theatertreffen virtuell: Digital Practice in the Theatre

The first virtual Theatertreffen was an experiment and a success: So far, the various streaming options of the virtual Theatertreffen were accessed more than 122,000 times. We are delighted and would like to say thank you! The extensive discursive programme “UnBoxing Stages – Digital Practice in the Theatre” examined the risks and potential of theatre on the internet. You can still access the recordings of the panels and the „Long Night of Tutorials“! Further conversations from TT Context are also available online.
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2020 Theatertreffen virtuell: Precious Moments of Community

Words of Welcome for you to read again in a quiet moment

What makes the theatre and a festival so special has rarely been felt more clearly than during these weeks of social distancing: The relationship between auditorium and stage is fragile and fluid, it thrives on feedback, on empathy and those precious moments of communion. Nevertheless, we have decided to present six productions from the Theatertreffen’s selection of 10 online between 1 to 9 May as a virtual Theatertreffen, taking into account something that the current corona-crisis has revealed: We are in the midst of a transformation that directly concerns the medium of the theatre itself. Because, even before the theatre’s extensive relocation to the digital world with all of its streaming options and online formats, the digital age had long since made its way into the world of the theatre. We have become familiar with new, computer game-influenced narrative forms, with the chimeric characters they brought with them and with the gigantic experimental settings of immersive theatre.

In 2020, we will move the festival online. The problems raised by the current situation, however, will follow us there. The coronavirus is aggravating issues of social justice, equal opportunities and basic social security in the field of the arts – and we can consider ourselves fortunate that several new advocacy groups have emerged over the past few years, whose networks are sending out powerful calls for action. Now that the virus has pressed the pause button all around the world, we see society at a crossroads between a positive kind of globalisation, characterised by solidarity, and a negative one that decreases democratic standards. This year, we will consider and discuss this issue in the virtual realm.

The TT Context-programme “UnBoxing Stages – Digital Practice in the Theatre”, a cooperation project between Theatertreffen, the Academy for Theatre and Digitality and Initiative Digitale Dramaturgie will consider new conditions for theatre work and investigate issues including the risks and opportunities of theatre on the net, digital narrative styles and the prerequisites of technology and aesthetics. In a series of panel discussions and a Long Night of Tutorials, we will continue the old new debate about online theatre. Your participation is more than welcome both during the tutorials and the discussions following the streamed productions from the selection of 10! Discover the programme of the 2020 virtual Theatertreffen.

Digital Theatertreffen

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