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Publication of the Programme and Start of Advance Booking

The complete programme will be published on 14 April. Advance booking will start on 28 April at 14:00.

The 2023 International Forum Participants

The Theatertreffen invites 32 exciting artists from all parts of the world to attend and reflect the festival and to exchange ideas and experiences across artistic and national boundaries. We are very much looking forward to welcoming all participants and thank everyone for their applications!
602 artists from 74 countries responded to the Open Call published in the autumn of 2022.

The 2023 participants
All participants 2006 – 2023

A group of people, illuminated by red light, gathers in front of the side stage of the Berliner Festspiele.

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Questions of Privilege

The 2023 Theatertreffen will ask which issues, social processes and political changes are shaping today’s theatre. What kinds of encounters and exchanges of ideas can help us to consider these questions and to make them productive for art? How can we create a safe space for diverse perspectives regarding uncomfortable questions of our times?

For this edition, we will focus on questions of privilege. Because the (creative) reflection on privileges of not-knowing can open up spaces for discussion and action, and an analysis of the absence of certain privileges can change the discourse of privileged societies. Creating awareness of one’s own advantages can contribute to building understanding and solidarity for those who do not have these same advantages. Therefore, this year’s festival will look at a variety of versions of one question: “Who has the privilege to not know…?” This question can be complemented in various directions and is reflected in different ways in the format 10 Treffen, which we will launch in 2023. Ten Treffen (English: ten meetings or encounters) will frame, beguile and embrace the 10 remarkable productions selected for the festival. The main funding institutions and conceptual partners of the new format are the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb and the Goethe-Institut.

A Female Quota of 50 %

With its 2020 festival edition, the Theatertreffen introduced a female quota of at least 50 percent in the direction position for the ten remarkable productions. The jury and the festival’s directors have agreed to extend this rule for another year, up to and including the 2024 festival.

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