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Daniela Lunelli aka Munsha


Daniela Lunelli aka Munsha is a Berlin-based Italian musician, composer, sound designer and music educator. She works in theatre, installation, video art and multimedia. Academic training in singing, composition for multimedia and cello, followed by training as an editor and sound designer for film and television. Her focus is on contemporary music, vocal research and composition as well as music production with a focus on experimental music and avant-garde. Munsha combines academic as well as transcultural sounds and pop music with technical know-how to create a spectrum from electronic music, noise and drone music to songwriting and soundtracks. She has composed music for theatre, dance and performative arts as well as sound installations. She has also written music for film, television and interdisciplinary projects.

As a vocal coach, she is primarily involved in researching the vocal tract and the practical use of resonating bodies through the cross-over technique.

Munsha’s musical research work is currently funded by the Musikfonds and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

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Simon N’golo Zerbo


Golow (Simon N'golo Zerbo) is a music producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, vocal arranger, songwriter and host of his own podcast “Deepttalk mit Golow”. He began his career as a singer in the boys’ choir of the Wuppertaler Kurrende and instrumentalist in various bands in and around Wuppertal and first appeared on stage with his solo project Golow in 2012. Since then, the project has evolved from a guitar or piano & voice set-up to an electro-acoustic experience incorporating Golow’s production techniques and skills.

He studied musicology and philosophy at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn. Today he lives in Wuppertal and produces for and with other artists such as Samy Deluxe, Flo Mega, Horst Wegener, UMI, and many more, and gives music production coaching for all kinds of genres in a workshop setting. Since December 2019, he has been working with the publishing company Sony ATV.

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