The selection for 2020 has been made.

We congratulate!

The winners of the 37th Treffen junge Musik-Szene have been chosen. Out of a total of 98 applications the jury selected 4 bands and 8 soloists and duos.

It is planned that the young musicians will meet from 25 to 30 November 2020 in the Treffen junge Musik-Szene in the Noisy Rooms in Berlin Friedrichshain. The meeting thrives on small concerts, discussions, workshops and coaching. The entire programme will be redesigned this year under the conditions of the pandemic. If it was not responsible to hold the meeting or if there were government restrictions, it would likely be postponed. But at the moment we assume that the Treffen junge Musik-Szene will take place.
As of 18 August 2020


Drima und Momo
“Vielleicht Zufall”
Liam Seidel – vocals, drums, guitar, piano
Moritz Schreibeis – trombone, piano, drums
Veniamin Minchev – drums, piano
15 – 16 years, Berlin

Fredi Erdmann & Die Soundgärtner
Frederik Erdmann – vocals, synthesizer
Ares Gnauk – bass
Xaver Bodenstein – guitar
Julius Konieczny – drums
17 – 23 years, Dusseldorf

“The Tide”
Simon Hussong – bass
Constantin Hussong – drums
Mathis Seelig – guitar
Jette Goltz – vocals
Florian Schaub – guitar
14 – 19 years, Bremen

Levin König
Levin König – vocals, guitar
Dominik Witte – drums
Colin Thedja – piano
Edward Krenzlin – bass
20 – 22 years, Berlin


Mia Cerno
“Lucky Sun”
vocals, guitar, piano, drums,
15 years, Munich

Marisa (Marisa Sitzler)
“Der Winter”
vocals, guitar
19 years, Billigheim

Lea Meller
vocals, guitar, piano
20 years, Berlin,

piya (Pia Bornitz)
“Im Jetzt”
vocals, piano, guitar
17 years, Heidelberg

Sarah Marie (Sarah Marie Parker)
“Worst Foe”
vocals, ukulele, guitar
16 years, Seulingern

Mathis Schuller
“The First Time”
vocals, guitar
16 years, Stockach

Malaika Wainwright
piano, guitar
14 years, Herrsching

Ann-Sophie Zolper
guitar, vocals, cello
17 years, Niederkassel