Nahaufnahme (Close-up)

The five musicians invited to “Nahaufnahme” each year are former participants of the Treffen junge Musik-Szene.

The aim of “Nahaufnahme” is to further support musicians in the development of their artistic identity and awareness, in their authorship and in the leap towards professionalism. “Nahaufnahme” is a focussing support format for songwriters conceived by Alexander Riemenschneider and Ulrich Zehfuß.

The selected musicians are already taking their first steps towards professionalisation, are convincing with their continuous development and also play several gigs and concerts a year.

The Musicians of Nahaufnahme 2022

Loni Elle
Fredi Erdmann
Mali Liv Goldmann
Sophie Heuschkel

Heads of Nahaufnahme 2022

Ulrich Zehfuß and Marie Diot

Ulrich Zehfuß, born 1973 in Ludwigshafen am Rhein. Lives as a freelance lyricist, author and singer-songwriter in Römerberg near Speyer. He studied literature, history and musicology, has published stories and audio books as well as seven albums with his former band Bunt and under his own name. In 2012, Patmos-Verlag published his short story “Aiji, der kleine Samurai, auf der Suche nach dem Schlafplatz der Sonne”. He is a member of the singer-songwriter family Sago, was a long-time jury member at the national contest Treffen junge Musik-Szene in Berlin and is a guest lecturer at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg. Together with Alexander Riemenschneider, he developed the workshop method “Songhenge”. His solo debut “Dünnes Eis” was chosen by the jury of the German Liederbestenliste 2016 as album of the month. In February 2021, the second solo album “Erntezeit” was released, which again landed in the Liederbestenliste. Since 2022, Ulrich Zehfuß has been signed to singer-songwriter Konstantin Wecker’s label Sturm & Klang.

Julia Geusch aka Marie Diot, born in 1993, is a singer-songwriter and lives near Hamburg. She studied popular music with a focus on songwriting at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media and works as a freelance artist. In 2014 she was a winner at the Treffen junge Musik-Szene and took part in Nahaufnahme in 2015. In 2017 she released her first album “Pinguin im Tutu – Weiß nicht, ob er Tänzer ist” and in 2020 the follow-up “Apfel im Strudel der ewigen Liebe”, for which she was awarded promotional prizes. In addition to her work on stage and in the studio, Julia Geusch is a workshop lecturer at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts and co-director of the songwriter school SAGO.

Nahaufnahme Archive

The former editions of “Nahmaufnahme” are still available in the Nahaufnahme Archive.