The authors who are invited to “Nahaufnahme” each year are former participants of the Treffen junger Autor*innen.

For over thirty years, the Treffen junger Autor*innen has been honouring exceptional writing talents between the ages of 11 and 21, who are selected by a jury from a large number of applications. Often, an awareness of the possibility of language as well as an eagerness to experiment with it are already apparent here, which often leads to the young talents choosing writing in the most diverse forms as a professional perspective. The chronicle of the Treffen junger Autor*innen lists several authors whose texts and books have been published by renowned publishers.

They are working on their first major writing projects and publish in anthologies, magazines and on the internet. The aim of Nahaufnahme is to encourage the young authors in their writing and on their way to a professional writing career.

At Nahaufnahme, they work with experienced authors on their own texts and exchange personal perspectives and experiences in the writing process.

Nahaufnahme 2022

As part of the international literature festival berlin, the five young female authors of the sixth year of Nahaufnahme were invited to a roundtable discussion moderated by Rike Scheffler.

In addition, the young female authors took part in a one-day writing workshop with Rike Scheffler.

The authors of the sixth year of “Nahaufnahme”:

Rania Daoudi
Idil Korkut
Cora Grohmann
Diana Röthlinger
Sophie Schollek