Merche Blasco with Miriam Parker, Clara Levy, Biliana Voutchkova, Anna Clementi, Alessandra Eramo, Lorena Izquierdo, Ute Wassermann, Matthias Müller, Weston Olencki

The performer Miriam Parker stands on stage wearing a fan-like costume. She holds both arms crossed over her head and is spotlit by blue lights.

Miriam Parker wearing a garment by threeASFOUR at The Shed, New York. Photo: Michael Sugarman © Merche Blasco

“Através” creates cybernetic feedback loops among humans, technology and the environment. Multimedia artist Merche Blasco has created assemblages especially for “Através” that allow the performers to expand their expressive possibilities beyond the limits of human perception.

Everything is interrelated and interdependent, yet there are still boundaries separating human and non-human beings. The use of technology can either widen the divide or help bridge it. How these technologies are designed and used shapes the relationships among the various entities. This is the core concept behind “Através” by multimedia artist and composer Merche Blasco. Her work focuses on embodied performance practices of electroacoustic music along with new ways of listening by referring to the principle of assemblage. In her performances, by constructing ‘imprecise’ technological instruments and letting them interact with her body and organic materials, she aims to establish horizontal relationships – for example, between performers and audience and between humans and non-humans. The assemblages created especially for “Através” allow the performers to expand the possibilities of expression beyond the limits of human perception, forging a representation of the ecological consequences of human actions, interpersonal relationships and the constant process of disembodiment to which people are increasingly subjecting themselves. “Através” creates cybernetic feedback loops among humans, technology and the environment: connections and dependencies. This work has been conceived together with the participating artists and musicians.

Merche Blasco was awarded an Artists-in-Berlin fellowship in 2022 and has been based in Berlin since then.


Merche Blasco
Através (2023)


Merche Blascocomposition, live electronics
Miriam Parker, Anna Clementi, Alessandra Eramo, Lorena Izquierdo, Ute Wassermann – performers
Clara Levy, Biliana Voutchkova – violin
Matthias Müller, Weston Olenckitrombone
Don Aretino & Muyao Zhang, threeASFOURcostume design

Através was commissioned by and developed with the support of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Programme and MaerzMusik. An early part of the project premiered at Heroines of Sound Festival in Berlin in July 2023.