Berliner Festspiele


Berliner Festspiele in the Media Library

Introducing: Jazzfest Research Lab

The international Jazzfest Research Lab welcomes academics and students to take a critical look at the festival’s archive, its programmes, creators, musicians and – last but not least – its myths. In two seminars during the summer semester of 2024, students from the Berlin University of the Arts and the University of Hildesheim have explored the festival’s history from various perspectives. In this film, the participants give a first look at how they dealt with their research subject.

The Berliner Festspiele

All year round, Berliner Festspiele host a multitude of festivals, exhibitions and individual events in two houses – the Haus der Berliner Festspiele at Schaperstraße and the Gropius Bau near Potsdamer Platz – and other venues in the city.