Key Visual Theatertreffen 2023

New Director for Berliner Festspiele’s Theatertreffen

Nora Hertlein-Hull will take on the position of Theatertreffen’s solely responsible director, superseding the current team of directors, Olena Apchel, Carolin Hochleichter and Joanna Nuckowska. The theatre and festival maker will assume her new position on 1 January 2024, her preparatory stage will begin in October 2023. She was appointed by Berliner Festspiele’s director Matthias Pees.

Theatertreffen 2024

The next Theatertreffen will take place from 2 to 19 May 2024. The 10 remarkable productions, selected by a jury of critics, will be announced at the end of January / beginning of February 2024. The programme will be published in April.

Theatertreffen 2023


About Theatertreffen

Berliner Festspiele’s Theatertreffen is a festival that wants to present theatre and dedicate itself to encounters (German: Treffen).