Access and Arrival

In 2024, MaerzMusik will take place both at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele and at other venues. Here you can read information about barrier-free access so that you can enjoy your visit. For more information and to buy tickets please contact our ticket office.

Berliner Festspiele – Ticket Office

Contact, information, reservation, telephone bookings

Daily 11:00–17:00

Tel +49 30 254 89 100

Reductions for Attendants

If you have a severe disability and require someone to escort you, this person will be admitted free of charge – such tickets can be arranged by telephone, at the daytime box office at Gropius Bau and at the evening box offices. Please present the appropriate ID (“B-Ausweis”) when you enter the event.

Haus der Berliner Festspiele

You can reach the Haus der Berliner Festspiele at Schaperstraße 24 barrier-free by public transport: The underground station Spichernstraße has two lifts on the platform of the U3 in the direction of Warschauer Straße and in the direction of Krumme Lanke as well as a guide system for the blind on the two side platforms.

The Haus der Berliner Festspiele has barrier-free, with step-free access to the foyer and the auditorium on the ground floor. The upper foyers and the side stage can be reached via a lift. Due to construction work, paved access to the garden is not yet available.

A toilet for all genders and for people with reduced mobility is located on the ground floor.

Moreinformation and audio directions

Akademie der Künste

Three steps lead down to the entrance of the Akademie der Künste (AdK), there is also a ramp on the building to the right-hand side. There is currently no door that opens automatically, but reception staff are available for support. If you encounter any difficulties, the reception staff of the AdK can be reached by phone at +49 30 200 57 2000. A wheelchair as well as portable folding stool can be borrowed from the reception desk upon request.

The exhibition halls, the bistro and the event venues are on the ground level or accessible via ramps and elevators.

The event venue (studio) has a total of eight spaces for wheelchair users plus seats for the persons accompanying them.

An accessible toilet is located centrally on the ground floor in the women’s bathroom.

Carillon in Berlin-Tiergarten

The artistic intervention at the carillon in Berlin-Tiergarten takes place in public space, outdoors in front of the bell tower. No accessible parking spaces or toilets are available at the carillon itself.

The Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) is only a few minute’s walk away. Marked parking spaces for people with disabilities are located there in front of the main entrance to the right, as well as additional spaces on the left-hand side of the building next to the gate in front of the eastern driveway to the building.

Gender-neutral toilets are accessible without using stairs in the lower level and the mezzanine.

Carillon der Parochialkirche

The artistic intervention at the carillon at the Parochialkirche takes place in public space, outdoors in front of the bell tower. No accessible parking spaces are available next to the carillon itself.

Accessible toilets that can be reached without using stairs are located in the adjoining buildings of the Parochialkirche.


Freedom of movement to all of the rooms (with exception of the deck) is guaranteed. In the foyer there is a restroom for people with reduced mobility, and directly in front of the entrance of the building there are two parking spaces for the disabled. People with reduced mobility should contact us in advance by phone at +49 30 288 788 588 or by email at

SAVVY Contemporary

Entry to SAVVY Contemporary can be accessed by persons with restricted mobility, in wheelchairs or with children’s buggies. This entrance is directly on the corner of Reinickendorfer Str. and Pankstraße. In order to visit the exhibition spaces on the lower floor, please speak to our on-site staff. The building is fitted with a lift that can be operated by the staff on request.

There is an accessible toilet located on the ground floor.

Unfortunately, the venue does not have its own parking spaces. If you are travelling by S- or U-Bahn, barrier-free access to Wedding station (S45/S46, U6) is located on Müllerstraße. The U-Bahn station Leopoldplatz (U6/U9) is also accessible to wheelchair users as it has lifts.

Theater im Delphi

The Theater im Delphi is accessible without using stairs via the courtyard located to the left of the main entrance.

Accessible toilets are available within the building. Two parking spaces for people with severe disabilities are located in the direct vicinity of the theatre.

If you need to use the side entrance or the reserved parking spaces, please notify the theater in advance at +49 30 417 262 93.

Universität der Künste

The rehearsal hall of the Universität der Künste (Bundesallee 1-12) is accessible without barriers and has an accessible bathroom.
It is located on the ground floor.

Villa Elisabeth and St. Elisabeth Church

The ground floor of Villa Elisabeth is barrier-free accessible and has an accessible toilet. The upper floors are not barrier-free accessible. 
St. Elisabeth Church can be accessed by persons with restricted mobility, in wheelchairs or with children’s buggies using a ramp on the right-hand side. It has a barrier-free toilet.