MaerzMusik 2024

MaerzMusik 2024 is positioning itself as an open-ended experience centred on conscientious listening, while also highlighting the constantly evolving tapestry of musical interplay among different generations and movements. With the ensembles, artists, musicians and composers invited, the festival examines the multi-layered potential of music through a programme that dovetails with the performing arts, sound, artistic interventions and more.


The festival commences with an immersive auditory experience, reviving a pivotal moment in the history of new and experimental music through INA grm – Groupe de Recherches Musicales’ Acousmonium. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of François Bayle’s invention, we will showcase
compositions for the loudspeaker orchestra by composers such as Beatriz Ferreyra, Eve Aboulkheir, François Bayle and others. EnsembleKollektiv Berlin explores the realm of conscientious listening with works by Helmut Lachenmann as well as Michelle Lou and Ashkan Behzadi. The intergenerational narrative unfolds with Simon Steen-Andersen’s interpretation of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s “Music in the Belly” performed by Les Percussions de Strasbourg.
In this edition, we will continue our focus from last year on composer and artist Lucia Dlugoszewski: we have curated scores, including some unfinished ones, with Marco Blaauw and Christine Chapman that have been reconstructed by Ensemble Musikfabrik, rebuilt Dlugoszewski’s percussive instruments, and restaged works conducted for dance, performed by Berlin-based dancers in collaboration with Katherine Duke and the Erick Hawkins Company. Spread throughout the city, the series “Topographies of Hearing” features installations and interventions by Christina Kubisch, Jessica Ekomane, Audrey Chen and others.

In navigating the uncharted territories of our collective futures, this year’s edition embraces the ongoing processes that are underway rather than fixating on conclusive ideas.

We look forward to experiencing MaerzMusik 2024 with you!


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About MaerzMusik

MaerzMusik sees itself as a place to exchange artistic knowledge(s) through new encounters and collective experiences. The festival is rooted in the multimodality of listening, contemporary music, and sound, employing concerts, performances, installations, music theatre, film screenings, and discursive formats to open up a space where life, art, and theory can co-exist.

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