Stories 2022

In our multimedia stories, we highlight selected topics of the festival, explore background information and start conversations.

Searching for a New “We”

Music and Society

View of a street from above in South America, full of market stalls.

In the first of two Digital Guides to the 2022 Musikfest Berlin, we will take composers Florence Price, Liza Lim and Ludwig van Beethoven as examples to explore the manifold entanglements of music and society. How did Afro-American artists of the 1930s build networks? Are humans and the environment much more closely intertwined than is often assumed? And when did the separation of music and religion begin?

Bridges Made of Sound

Music and Rite

Columns in front of Basilica di San Marco, Venice, and Jongmyo Shrine, Seoul

Our second Digital Guide to the 2022 Musikfest Berlin focuses on sacred music from Christian and Confucian contexts. What social relevance can ritual music have? How can the textual interpretation of religious scriptures be shaped musically? And can a work devoted to Mary also promote one’s career?