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Short Film & Artists’ Talk

Silke Eberhard (Potsa Lotsa XL) and José Davila (Zooid) give insights into their collaboration within a Jazzfest Berlin commission to Henry Threadgill, the musical result of which can be experienced on the big stage later in the evening.

The short film “Potsa Lotsa XL – Eine Sekunde Nichts” (Potsa Lotsa XL – One Second of Nothing), an artistic self-portrait with a wink of the eye by Silke Eberhard's eponymous large ensemble, will be screened beforehand.

“One Second of Nothing” is the name of this film – it shows the musicians of the Potsa Lotsa XL ensemble in musical and extra-musical scenarios. The title is doubly misleading: the film is neither radically short nor is it characterised by emptiness or meditative calm. Quite the opposite. “A Second of Nothing” is a turbulent collage of short snippets, a portrait of the musicians: sometimes playing, sometimes talking to each other. Jürgen Kupke hurries dadaistically through Neukölln with his clarinet, band leader Silke Eberhard explains that she likes to set trams and pedestrians to music, while pianist Antonis Anissegos confesses that he would like to be an artichoke on a “Pizza Lotsa”. A quirky piece of work that occasionally recalls the experimental films of Rosa von Praunheim and Helge Schneider.

Potsa Lotsa XL – Eine Sekunde Nichts

Directed by Florian Japp

ca. 20 minutes
In German with English subtitles


Silke Eberhard and José Davila

Potsa Lotsa XL – Eine Sekunde Nichts

Tothe short film in the media library


Silke Eberhard in conversation with Maxi Broecking

Tothe interview in the media library


Jazzfest Berlin Story  – "(Un-)Learning Jazz"

This year's online magazine "Story" on the topic of "(Un-)Learning Jazz" presents some fascinating glimpses into the lives and work of some of the artists in this year's line-up and asks about the conditions of jazz education. What criticism of the academic system is justified and how does one find one's own way in the widely ramified jazz biotope? The "Story" sheds light on the work of Silke Eberhard and Henry Threadgill, among others.

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