Sound Installation & Performance

Leila Bencharnia / Ensemble Adapter

Collage of two pictures. At the top is a portrait of Leila Bencharnia. She is sitting in front of a white façade with blemishes, next to her are numerous plants and a golden retriever. Below: Two musicians in yellow knitted jumpers sit next to each other and look through small binoculars.

Leila Bencharnia and Ensemble Adapter © Piotr Niepsuj, Simon Detel

As part of a Berlin residency, composer Leila Bencharnia has collaborated with Ensemble Adapter on a new two-part work inspired by the forms and colours of the Amazigh art of weaving. The results of this research project will be presented at MaerzMusik.

Sound installation by Leila Bencharnia

starting at 19:00 in the Radialsystem, Studio

Performance by Ensemble Adapter

19:00 & 20:00 in the Radialsystem, Hall


Programmebooklet 23.3.2024

For their collaborative programme, composer Leila Bencharnia and Ensemble Adapter inspired by the forms and colours of the Amazigh art of weaving. The Milan-based Moroccan composer was invited to Berlin as part of a research project organised by the institution Mophradat in collaboration with DAAD – the results of the collaboration will now be presented for the first time in the form of a concert and a sound installation at MaerzMusik.

Since starting the open-ended residency in November, the sound artist and performer worked in close collaboration with the experimental music group Ensemble Adapter, founded by Matthias Engler and Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir and based in Berlin. As a starting point for their research and creative work, the artists turned to the weaving techniques of the Amazigh people, indigenous to Morocco. As part of their exploration of fractals and the colour coding inherent to handmade textiles, the composer and the ensemble set off together with their audience into experimental worlds of thoughts, sound and performance  and present two different compositions at the Radialsystem. The focus is on attentive listening and patiently awaiting what is to come – on recognising patterns in their entanglements and being guided by them.


Leila Bencharnia Komposition, Elektronik

Ensemble Adapter
Gunnhildur Einarsdóttircomposition, harp
Matthias Englercomposition, percussion
Armin Wiesertext, performance

The residency is organised by Mophradat in collaboration with Berliner Festspiele / MaerzMusik with additional support by DAAD.