b-l duo (bertram wee / lynette yeo)

Alex Paxton / Bertram Wee / Sarah Nemtsov and many others

Collage of two images: Lynette Yeo is standing in front of a microphone, next to her stands Bertram Wee at the mixing desk. The background of the picture is dark.

b-l duo (bertram wee / lynette yeo) © Brian Slater

The b-l duo from Singapore explores the potential of acoustic and electronic keyboard instruments with a genre-spanning programme for MaerzMusik. In addition to pieces by Sarah Nemtsov and Enno Poppe, they will also perform new compositions by younger artists, including duo member Bertram Wee.

Conversation and Listening Session

Monday 18.3.,16:00, Haus der Berliner Festspiele
with Sarah Nemtsov


Programmebooklet 16.3.2024

The b-l duo are on a mission to play the creepiest, craziest keyboard music – at least that's how they put it in their own words. Also active in the Singaporean collective weird aftertaste, Bertram Wee and Lynette Yeo combine chamber music with pop, harsh noise and contemporary music in their repertoire. This is also the case with their programme conceived especially for MaerzMusik, which brings to life new compositions for keyboard instruments. In addition to a piece by Sarah Nemtsov for toy piano, mini-synthesiser and two monotrons as well as "Rad" by Enno Poppe – a major influence on the act –  for two keyboards, their selections include works by a new generation of artists: "Sometimes Voices" by British composer Alex Paxton and arranged by Wee for two keyboards, inspired by metal and electronic dance music in equal measure, will be placed alongside Wee's own composition "my body, broken for your amusement" for keyboard and talkbox, which draws on the work of Alvin Lucier to explore the human body as a sonic space. Furthermore, the b-l duo will also be presenting another voice from South East Asia with "To drift, float, but never land" by the young Singaporean experimental music composer Joan Tan. This work for toy pianos and electronics was written especially for Yeo and Wee and demonstrates the textural qualities of their instruments in a uniquely bizarre way.


Alex Paxton arr. Bertram Wee
Sometimes Voices (2020)
for two keyboards

Joan Tan
To drift, float, but never land (2023)
for two toy pianos and two keyboards

Bertram Wee
my body, broken for your amusement (2022)
for keyboard and talkbox

Sarah Nemtsov
Kammer (2020)
for toy piano, mini-synthesizer and two monotrons

Enno Poppe
Rad (2003)
for two keyboards


b-l duo

Bertram Weekeyboard, toy piano
Lynette Yeokeyboard, toy piano

Elif Kara toy piano