Collage of two images: Lynette Yeo is standing in front of a microphone, next to her stands Bertram Wee at the mixing desk. The background of the picture is dark.

b-l duo (bertram wee / lynette yeo) © Brian Slater

b-l duo

The b-l duo, consisting of Bertram Wee and Lynette Yeo, are on a mission to play the creepiest, craziest keyboard musicexisting. They gravitate towards stuff on the fringe of polite taste, with a stylistically diverse repertoire that spans work by genre-defining stalwarts of contemporary concert music like Pierre Boulez, Michael Finnissy and Salvatore Sciarrino, among others, to that of recent musical innovators like Henric de la Cour, Maximilian Marcoll and Weston Olencki.  In Europe, b-l duo has performed at hcmf// in Huddersfield, sounds like THIS in Leeds and Bloomsbury Festival in London, all in the UK.

Along with other musicians, b-l duo founded weird aftertaste: a Singapore-based new music collective that similarly embraces the aesthetic diversity that defines the art music of our time.

The duo were winners of the Royal Over-Seas League Annual Music Competition, London (ensemble category) in 2017.

As of: March 2024

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