Christine Chapman / Jing Wang / Nina Šenk / Liza Lim / Shasha Chen / Payam Yousefi and many others

Christine Chapman stands in front of a grey wall with her instrument, a horn, to her lips. She is wearing an orange blouse and white trousers. Her face is turned to the side.

Christine Chapman © Klaus Rudolph

Horn player Christine Chapman is a member of Ensemble Musikfabrik as well as a soloist who straddles the borders between different musical worlds. In her MaerzMusik programme, she will perform two works by Liza Lim and Nina Šenk, among others, for the first time, offering new perspectives on her traditional instrument.

Whether as a member of Ensemble Musikfabrik or as a solo artist, Christine Chapman knows how to build bridges. With work spanning contemporary music and jazz, the horn player is also constantly forging links with members of different scenes and uniting tradition with new approaches. At MaerzMusik, she is presenting an ambitious programme exploring the possibilities of her instrument, its various historical and contemporary applications, and its possible further expansions. Performing on a variety of horns, Chapman will play pieces by young composers from the past eight years: Besides Dai Fujikura, Jing Wang, Manuel Hidalgo Navas, Payam Yousefi and Shasha Chen, the programme includes two works by Liza Lim and Nina Šenk, which Chapman will perform for the first time, as well as one by Ralf Wallin for two lurs and electronics, for which she will be supported by Marco Blaauw on the Norwegian lur, an early histroical trumpet. Through her selection, Chapman forges connections between the archaic and the modern, tradition and avant-garde, combining familiar sounds with unconventional playing techniques and subjecting them to sonic abstraction. She offers new perspectives on an instrument with a history that can be traced back some 17,000 years while putting the spotlight on an array of composers, some of whom are still waiting to be discovered.


Jing Wang
衍 yan
for shell solo

Nina Šenk
One’s Song (2019, version B)
for horn

Shasha Chen
navel-gazing (2023)
for double-bell horn

Payam Yousefi
Attract, Repulse, Oscillate (UA double-bell horn version 2024)
for double-bell horn

Liza Lim
Dianna (2020)
for horn

Manuel Hidalgo Navas
Soliloquio … de un teatro fracasado (2020)
for horn

Dai Fujikura
Yurayura (2017)
for horn

Rolf Wallin
Prillar (2020)
for 2 lurs and electronics


Christine Chapman – horn, double-bell horn, shell horn, lur
Marco Blaauw – lur

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