Christine Chapman

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Christine Chapman

Raised in the coastline woods of western Michigan, Christine Chapman has traveled far and wide to pursue her passion for music. In 1990, after finishing her musical studies at the University of Michigan and Indiana University, she broke out of the rural heartland of America for an orchestra job in Germany. The desire to gain some work experience before returning to the States has since turned into a musical career full of exploration and adventure.

Christine Chapman has followed many paths of artistic development, from intense chamber music through major orchestra repertoire as principal horn in high-profile European orchestras to numerous performances and recordings with radio big bands and smaller jazz combos, all leading her to her present passion — contemporary music and art performance.

As a member of Ensemble Musikfabrik based in Cologne, Germany, Christine Chapman has the opportunity to collaborate with, perform, and record many of today's most celebrated composers. The experience of playing outside of the box, creating art and music in new ways and forms, is the main impetus of her work, whether projecting sound using her voice, a mixing console, her horn, or other lip reed instruments.

As of: January 2024

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