Chiara Bersani

Chiara Bersani is an Italian performer and author active in the fields of performing arts, research theatre and contemporary dance. As an interpreter, director and choreographer she moves through different languages and visions. Her works, which are presented internationally, emerge in dialogue with spaces of different nature and address the audience as part of each situation. Her research as an interpreter and author is based on the concept of the “Political Body” and the creation of practices aimed at training its presence and scope of action. For “Gentle Unicorn”, the central work of this research, she was awarded the UBU Award for best new actor/performer under the age of 35 in 2018. In August 2019, “Gentle Unicorn” and Chiara Bersani won the first prize in the dance category at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Chiara Bersani is an artist of apap – advancing performing arts project - Feminist Future until 2024.

Since 2017, Chiara Bersani has been working with the dancer and choreographer Mario D'Agostin as a self-described "invisible collective".

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