Ivo Malec

Ivo Malec is a French composer born in 1925 in Zagreb. After studying music at university in his native city, Ivo Malec spent several periods in Paris, where he settled permanently in 1959. He joined the Groupe de Recherches Musicales in 1960, where he hosted and produced numerous events until 1990. As professor of composition at the Paris Conservatoire (1972-1990), he helped train the composers of the new generation of French music. As a composer and conductor with a particular interest in mixed music, he was one of the first to successfully combine traditional music and electroacoustic techniques in all genres. His works include “Lied” (1969), “Therana” (1975), “Arco 11” (1975), “Triola” (1978), “Attaca” (1986), “Ottava alta” (1995), “Sonoris causa” (1997), “Arc-en-cello” (2003) and “Epistola” (2006). Ivo Malec passed away in Paris in 2019.

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