Katherine Duke

Katherine Duke © Tony Cenicola

Katherine Duke

Katherine Duke began her dance training with Martha Graham’s pupil Erick Hawkins and Lucia Dlugoszewski in 1983. She made her professional debut to critical acclaim three years later with the Erick Hawkins Dance Company at Lincoln Center in New York. Duke was appointed Artistic Director of the Erick Hawkins Dance Company in 2001. Since then, Duke has been committed to preserving and extending the musical, composing and choreographic legacies of Dlugoszewski and Hawkins. She has made possible the revival of the classical repertoire and choreographed new works together with universities and professional dance companies, e.g. Hawkins’s “Early Floating” (1960) and “New Moon” (1989) as well as redirecting Hawkins and Dlugoszewski’s groundbreaking piece “here and now, with watchers” (1957). In addition to her own choreographies, Duke has expanded the company’s repertoire by recovering previously unexplored works by Hawkins and Dlugoszewski through archival work and research.

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