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Ann Cotten

Ann Cotten, *1982, is a writer and translator from Vienna, Austria, based in Berlin. Recent translations include books by J. Wenderoth, I. Waidner, R. Waldrop, L. Russell, A. Green, articles by K. Sasaki, M. Ishida and M. Shinohara, poetry by Hachikai Mimi, Julian Brolaski, Margaret Atwood. “Rotten Kinck Schow” with M. Rinck and Sabine Scho 2007–2014. Cotton’s English language work is published by Broken Dimanche Press (“I, Coleoptile”, 2013; “Lather In Heaven”, 2016). Her most recent book in German is “Die Anleitungen der Vorfahren” (edition suhrkamp 2023). Co-editor of Triëdere, Austrian journal for theoretical literature, since 2023. She is currently working on her PhD “Aesthetics of Misuseability” at FU Berlin.

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