Giulia Tornarolli

Giulia Tornarolli, born in 1992 in Bolzano, is a dancer and performer. After completing the Foundation Course at NSCD (Northern School of Contemporary Dance) in 2011 in Leeds and graduating from SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) in 2017, Giulia started her freelance career. Since then Tornarolli has worked with artists including Sebastian Zuber, for the production “Industrial Seagrass” (2018), Ann Katrin Cooper and Tobias Spori (Panorama Dance Theater) for “Green Green Grass of Home” (2019), “NOW” (2021) and “42” (2022). She has participated in the creation and tour of “Radix” (2022) under the guidance of choreographers Martina Marina, Riccardo Meneghini and Marion Sparber. In 2019, she took part in the short film “A Deeper Need” directed by Lilia Andreotti, for which she was awarded “Best Actress” at the Top Short Film Festival. In November of the same year, she presented her first work in progress “Ruth” at the Alps Move festival and released her first dance film “Garden”. Up to the present day, she regularly collaborates with opera director Christof Loy in various productions in Amsterdam, Madrid, Oslo and Basel. In addition to her work as a performer, Tornarolli works as an educator for both professional and amateur dancers through classes based on improvisation as well as the exploration and understanding of performative layers and body awareness. Her interest in exposure, fragility and communication has led her to develop a performance practice through a series of performative interventions based on improvisation and created ad hoc for events that would not normally include dance; among these: “Go Big and Go Home” for Genera Cultura; “Dear Joe” for Indiependence Music & Arts Festival in Mitchelstown, Ireland; “TUM” for Museion; “It’s Not About Dance” for Ella - women on stage: “Purgatorium Kaser” for Transart Festival, all three in Bolzano, Italy, as well as some collaborations with Los Informalls for their Informal Stages.

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