Louis Kavouras

Louis Kavouras is the Chair of the Dance Department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is a professional dancer and a longstanding company member of the Erick Hawkins Dance Company. Kavouras’ scholarship on the work of Erick Hawkins and Lucia Dlugoszewski has been documented in the Bloomsbury Handbook of Dance and Philosophy, as well as various lectures and panel discussions across the globe. In 1997, Kavouras was recognised by Francis Mason of the radio station WQXR as one of the Top 10 Dancers in NYC for his performance in the Hawkins solo “Why Does A Man Dance”, set to music by Lucia Dlugoszewski. Kavouras is a curator of the Erick Hawkins Collection and manages the Erick Hawkins Archive, which is housed at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, also known as “Hawkins West”. From 1998 to 2000, he served as Lucia Dlugoszewski’s rehearsal director and worked closely with her on her choreographies, “Radical Ardent” (1999) and “Motherwell Amor” (2000). He collaborates with Erick Hawkins Dance Company Artistic Director Katherine Duke in preserving and sharing the profound aesthetic principles and works of Lucia Dlugoszewski and Erick Hawkins.

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