Hannah Weirich

Hannah Weirich © Klaus Rudolph

Hannah Weirich

Her choice of instrument was made at 6, and her choice of her future occupation was made only a few years later. The formation of a string trio at the age of twelve was not a random choice but once again shows that Hannah Weirich does not lose sight of goals that she has set herself.

She still performs with Trio Fridegk and she has indeed become a violinist. Ingolf Turban, Igor Ozim and Franco Gulli encouraged this, although it was not really necessary. She has received many international awards such as 1st avant-garde prize at the Jakob-Stainer-Violin competition 1997 and in 2000 with the trio the 1st and Beethoven prize at the International Beethoven competition in Hradec in the Czech Republic.

Hannah Weirich, who was born in 1980 in the Allgäu, has remained faithful to her early passion for chamber music. It was never an option for her to consider disappearing into a tutti section of an orchestra, because of what she believes “is a loss of responsibility“. She now has a lot of responsibility in the Ensemble Musikfabrik, whose member she has been since 2005, where she says “the combination of ensemble and solo playing is ideal“.

She values both the intensive discussion with her colleagues, and the possibilities to experiment and to acquire background information from composers. “The extensive and numerous experiences I can gather with contemporary music are also extremely useful for my classical repertoire and vice versa. Each field is able to enhance the other.”

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