People dancing and moving together

Alice Chauchat, Dance Gathering © Konstanze Flamme

Alice Chauchat and Manuela Schininà

Dance Gathering, 27.04.2024 / 14.07.2024 18:00 – 20:00

The choreographer Alice Chauchat sees dance as a form of collaboration and togetherness in spite of differences. She stages dancing gatherings and tangential encounters, inviting people to activate a series of choreographic scores. This Dance Gathering proposes dancing as telepathic communication, a social activity, a collective process and an unrehearsed encounter. Participants are offered a set of scores that activate paradoxical relationships: distant intimacy, attentive autonomy, impersonal commitment, enjoyment and unknown play.

For many years, Chauchat has been conducting choreographic research on the ethics of intimacy in the midst of radical differences. Her dances take place in dance studios, exhibition spaces, on stage, as printed matter and, recently more and more in public spaces, on different squares and corners across Berlin. The artist sees dance as a way of offering something to someone, as a form of productive confusion, as a structure of unverified trust. She believes that movement, speech, dance, action belong to nobody and to everybody, and are activated by each of us.

You are cordially invited to join the two editions of Dance Gathering at Radical Playgrounds. No prior knowledge is needed, no ideal synchronisation, no high expectations. There will be some tenderness, some awkwardness, the joy of dancing as a process of listening or tuning in. We will be befriending each other, dancing together to a music landscape by DJ Manuela, while distance and intimacy will function as our coordinates. Dance Gathering is a social event, a practice of being with oneself and with each other in the constant fluctuation between alterity and togetherness.

Alice Chauchat is a choreographer, dancer, teacher and mentor, whose work focuses mainly on the aspect of collaboration. She lives and works in Berlin.

Manuela Schininà is a sound designer who lives between Berlin and Sicily. She produces soundscapes and music for art films, theatre and dance performances.


Flupsi Upsi – Poster Design
Yves Mettler – Score Design

Cary Shiu, Daniel Belasco, Dorota Michalak, Federica Fugazzi, Michela Filzi, Flupsi Upsi, Suet Wa Tam, Ulrike Flämig