Workshops & Talks

While many exhibitions are considered finished upon opening, Radical Playgrounds challenges this notion, embarking on a journey together with architects, artists, mediators, researchers, neighbors and visitors to transform and expand the art parcours with its  overarching program starting at the end of April. Embracing the motto From Competition to Collaboration, Radical Playgrounds invites everybody to convert the former parking lot of the Gropius Bau into a vibrant public space. Through a series of workshops, talks and guided tours, participants will build real and imaginary bridges together, invent games and embody collaborations. In weekly discussions with international guests, the on-site playable installations will be contextualized, and the diverse meanings of play and its socio-political implications will be explored. The program poses questions: How does Radical Playgrounds sound, speak, feel, smell and taste? What can practice and opportunity spaces for coexistence and collaborative interaction between humans and nature look like? How can spatial infrastructure be made more inclusive, social and equitable? The public program is an invitation to play, but also a platform for contemplation that strengthens community bonds, especially right now, and creates opportunities to deepen existing neighborly relationships.

The complete programme with workshop and talks will be published soon.