Team & Contact

The Theatertreffen team


Director Nora Hertlein-Hull

Executive Assistant Sara Dec

Festival Office Raffaela Phannavong

Intern Director and Dramaturgy Stella Bruck

Head of Organisation and Finances Katharina Fritzsche

Administration and Controlling Susanne Albrecht

Cooperation Organisation Nicola Trevisani

Assistant Organisation Lina Erlenmaier

Artists’ Support Tania Feurich


Directors of the International Forum and Dramaturgy Team Aljoscha Begrich, Sima Djabar Zadegan

Coordination International Forum Anna Popova, Anna Mariscal (on parental leave)

Assistant Production Laura Hänel

Interns International Forum Louise Brockmeier, Mariella-Paula Mayer


Concept and Editors Theatertreffen-Blog Grete Götze, Tamara Marszalkowski

AssistantTheatertreffen-Blog Luisa Böhm


Scenography Sabine Freude

Technical Operations Technical Staff of Berliner Festspiele

We would like to thank the students of the IALT of Leipzig University for interpreting the discursive events as well as all staff at Berliner Festspiele for carrying out the festival. Our special thanks go to our longstanding colleagues Manfred Tiesler (Head of Sound) and Dutsch Adams (Head Stage Technician), who have been working for Theatertreffen with great dedication for decades. This 61st edition will be their last active festival.


Director Theatertreffen
Nora Hertlein-Hull
Tel +49 30 254 89 233

Festival Office
Raffaela Phannavong
Tel +49 30 254 89 233

Executive Assistant
Sara Dec
Tel +49 30 254 89 189

International Forum
Aljoscha Begrich, Sima Djabar Zadegan
Anna Popova (Coordination)
Tel +49 30 254 89 375

Grete Götze, Tamara Marszalkowski
Luisa Böhm (Assistant)
Tel +49 30 254 89 193

Head of Organisation and Finances
Katharina Fritzsche
Tel +49 30 254 89 208

Administration and Controlling
Susanne Albrecht
Tel +49 30 254 89 280


Berliner Festspiele
Schaperstraße 24
10719 Berlin
Tel +49 30 254 89 233
Fax +49 30 254 89 293