Team 2022

The Theatertreffen team 2022

Director Theatertreffen Yvonne Büdenhölzer

Assistant to the Director Anneke Wiesner

Dramaturgy Anna-Katharina Müller, Necati Öziri, Lucien Strauch, Antonia Hänsch (Trainee)

Head of Organisation Katharina Fritzsche
Organisation Susanne Albrecht (Administration, Controlling), Lina Erlenmaier (Assistant Organisation), Laura Hänel (Assistant Administration), Lea Hegemann (Student Assistant), Marie Knobloch (Artist Supervision), Nihan Sivridag (Collaboration Organisation), Nicola Trevisani (Collaboration Organisation)

Festival Office Raffaela Phannavong

Stückemarkt Anna-Katharina Müller (Head of Stückemarkt), Daja Vogt (Assistant), Sophia Scherbaum (Trainee)

International Forum Necati Öziri (Head of International Forum), Anna Mariscal (Assistant), Anahit Bagradjans (Trainee)

Technical Director Matthias Schäfer

Venue Manager Karsten Neßler

In collaboration with

Theatertreffen-Blog Antigone Akgün and Ozi Ozar (Concept and Editorial), Anna-Maria Domeier (Assistant), Viktor Nübel (Design and Realisation)

Design Festival Centre and Theatertreffen Award Eva Veronika Born, Hannah Beeck (Assistant)

The Theatertreffen team commemorates the technical director of the Berliner Festspiele, Andreas Weidmann, who accompanied the Theatertreffen from 2004 to 2018. We miss his commitment to the art of theatre and an invaluable colleague!
† 11 August 2018