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The Oresteia

By Aeschylus
German translation by Peter Stein
Version by Oliver Reese and Michael Thalheimer

Deutsches Theater Berlin

Premiere 23 September 2006

The Oresteia

The Oresteia. Constanze Becker © Iko Freese

Talk with the audience
Moderation Tobi Müller
Tue 15 May 22:10

A hardcore “Oresteia”. Wallowing in the filth of myth. Merciless, drastic, radical. Blood is the great, all defining metaphor in which Michael Thalheimer wraps Aeschylus’ tragedy. Blood flows in rivers. Blood covers hands and bodies, drips into the stalls and leaves stains all over Olaf Altmann’s wooden wall. The stage has been nailed up; it is a paradise from which we are excluded. In front of it the cast sacrifice their hatred as if on a high altar, right in front of the audience. 100 unflinching minutes. In his imposing edited version of the play Thalheimer shows how the blood line of human history flows on an on, an endless chain reaction of revenge and violence. “Act – suffer – learn” is the refrain of the 40-strong chorus which thunderously energises and comments on the events of the play from the upper circle. However, there is no learning to be seen: Thalheimer cuts the third part of the Oresteia (“The Libation Bearers”) – and with it any faith in democracy as a model solution. There is no mercy from above. Heaven is empty. On earth, Orestes cringes on the floor, all alone, with no reprieve. An image of modern man.


Directed by – Michael Thalheimer
Stage Design – ​​​​​​​Olaf Altmann
Costume Design – ​​​​​​​Michaela Barth
Lighting Design – ​​​​​​​Olaf Freese
Dramaturgy – Oliver Reese
Music – ​​​​​​​Bert Wrede
Chorus Director – ​​​​​​​Marcus Crome

Constanze BeckerClytemnestra
Michael GerberHerold
Henning VogtAgamemnon
Katharina SchmalenbergCassandra
Michael BenthinAegisthus
Stefan KonarskeOrestes
Lotte OhmElectra
Michael GerberNurse

Guitar Kalle Kalima, Bert Wrede